Energy-Saving Tips for All Seasons

There are usually many difficulties in saving energy at home. Here are simple tips to help you cut down your electricity bill and save as much energy as possible throughout the year.

Energy-Saving Tips for All SeasonsDuring the cold season

  • Check your ductwork for any leakage. Get rid of joints and small holes by tapping them using a silver metal duct. It will save as much energy as possible.
  • Repair and check the filters of the heating system regularly. It will boost its efficiency, and will consume less power.
  • Make your windows weather resistant using weather strip on moveable joints and caulk on rigid joints. You can also put on the inside of the window a window kit to allow warm air in and keep cold air out.
  • Maintain the fireplace airtight to minimize loose of heat as much as possible. Or else, you will be losing a lot of heat compared to the one you are generating.
  • Do you know that each degree Celsius you reduce on your thermostat saves you about 3% of energy? Well reduce the temperature setting of your thermostat from 72 degrees Celsius to 68 degrees Celsius and save more energy.

During the hot season

  • Close all the windows and outside doors when you turn on the air It will make the system work less consuming little energy.
  • Keep away any other heat-generating source away from the air conditioner or thermostat. The heat will cause the systems to work much more increasing power
  • Check and repair your cooling system to make sure that it is functioning well and thus not leak coolant. It will also prevent more damages saving your money.
  • Remove any materials or structures that may block the fan or air conditioner. It will help the air to move around much easier cooling the faster.
  • Change or clean the air filter of the central air conditioner frequently. It will boost its efficiency reducing consumption of energy. It will save some energy.

All round tips

  • Clean and dust the coils on your refrigerator regularly. The dirt that accumulates on the coils makes it function less efficient and therefore uses a lot of energy.
  • In the laundry section, you can mix wet clothes with a dry towel in the dryer. It will save time and energy. The dry towel will absorb some water from the wet clothes making them dry faster.
  • You can also wash your clothes with cold water instead of using hot water. It can save a few dollars every month.
  • Lower the temperature of your water heater. For example, if it is set at 100 degrees, you can reduce it to 90 degrees. It will save some energy as the water heater is one of the equipment that consumes a lot of energy.
  • Another tip is using an energy saver bulb instead of using ordinary bulbs. Apart from saving energy, energy savers bulbs have a long lifespan hence it will also reduce the cost of purchasing bulbs.
  • Instead of cooking or warming your meals using a microwave, you can try out a conventional oven and save more energy.