Techniques for Designing around your Mini-Split Air Conditioner

From an interior design perspective, ductless mini-split air conditioners (AC) present a diverse set of challenges than ducted ACs. It is because unlike built-in vents and ducts that are regularly incorporated into the architectural plan of a house, mini-split ACs are frequently included as a late addition.

Mini-Split Air ConditionerHowever, it is something that you will need to integrate with your room’s decor and design to keep the unit from sticking out like a sore thumb. In this article, you will learn some good places for the mini-split AC units, along with design guidelines.

Recessed into a Wall or False Beam

Position your mini-split in a lowered hole in a wall or a false beam to reduce the distance it sticks out from the wall.

Above a Window

If you have a tiny area with narrow wall space, that space between the ceiling and the window could be one of the only places for your ductless AC.

Above a Doorway

Another site that is challenging to utilize for traditional storage space, but may work as a place for a mini-split, is above a doorway. This option permits more of your wall space to be available for tall furniture.

Over your Bed

For homeowners who need cold air blowing over their body while sleeping, consider siting the unit above the headboard. But if a freezing cold is not your ideal snoozing temperature, instead, place the unit opposite your bed so that the blanket will cover you from any draft.

Above an Armoire

One more hard-to-reach spot that would otherwise just accumulate dust is above a cabinet system or armoire. It is an option but one that we don’t recommend.

Above a Bookcase

Place the AC unit above an open cabinet system of about equal width. It aids in attempting to match the dimension of the unit with what’s underneath. This open cabinet system will assist in making it look as one vertical component instead of as a box hanging in the middle of a bare surface.

Inside an Open Shelf or Entertainment Unit

An AC unit can be incorporated into a built-in entertainment center, with the television underneath and an open shelf intended to house the appliance.

Create a Custom Cover that’s integrated with your Furniture

With a little of custom design, you could even supplement a concealment (ensuring that the unit is still well ventilated) to hide it even more.

Paint your Wall to Match your AC Unit

At times just a simple paintwork to match your walls to the color of your AC unit can make it almost vanish at first glimpse. I wouldn’t endorse painting the unit itself; but rather purchase a model with a color that you prefer and get the paint to match.

Camouflage it among other Wall Decors

Instead of hiding the mini-split AC, give it a shelf along with some other decors. The unit is less visible, as it blends in with other elements of the wall decorations.