Common Misconceptions about Saving Energy and How to Avoid Them

Summer season is taking effect. It is a season that one can spend an entire day in a pool to cool his or her body. It is a season that a driver with a poorly conditioned vehicle has to stop by the roadside and wait for his car to cool, whereas some office workers take longer lunch breaks to make them comfortable for some time. It may sound scary, but more is coming the hottest days of summer are about to clock in.

Misconceptions about Saving EnergyLeave out the workplaces and vehicles. Homes are the most critical areas that encounter many heat problems. In fact, this is the time that many individuals struggle getting information from the internet on how to cool their rooms. Unfortunately, they land on misleading misconceptions and information about cooling a room. To save on energy and keep your wallet intact here are common mistakes you should know:

Cranking the thermostat lower will cool the house quickly

Such cannot help. Do not waste energy. Most thermostats operating at home have a low fan speed. Hence, the house temperature will change at a low rate. Bringing down the thermostat to a lower level will not achieve any difference as the warm air circulates at a targeted rate. Doing so is just waste of energy.

Switch off the Air conditioning system when going out for the day

It is a very common misconception. When you are out all day, kindly do not turn off your Air conditioning unit. It will require more energy for it to cool the house again later. Simultaneously, it is also misuse of energy and money leaving it working the whole day. The only solution here is using a programmable thermostat, which can adjust itself as the time goes. To save more energy you can ease the work of the thermostat by closing the curtains to prevent direct rays of the sun.

Switch on ceiling fans to cool the house

When you stand in front of a running fan, it will cool your body. A fan generates the wind that hits your body making sweat evaporate faster cooling your body. However, this cannot be applicable in cooling a room. The chill wind cannot cool the room. So avoid raising your electricity bill. When leaving your house switch off your fan.

Closing vents on a central air system will enable it to work well

Yeah, this can help but for those who want to take their system for repair early. Latest central air systems are set to pump cold air all over the house. For that reason, if you close the vents the central system will cool and pump air without distributing it to the whole house, eventually damaging your Air conditioning system. There will be additional work for the condenser as it will propel more causing friction resulting in wearing and tearing. Furthermore, the inside of your A/C will be frosty. You can count on the damages and the energy wasted.

Air conditioning is the only way to keep cool.

It applies for those who can afford an A/C system unit. However, they are those who cannot afford. If you are among those, who can afford well and good, that is the only option. The rest you can apply other different techniques to cool your room or your body if needed. You can use ice cubes wrapped in a rag to cool your body. Close the curtains to avoid direct sun during the day. Moreover, when it is too much, take a shower twice a day.